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Cheap Campervan Rental USA and Canada

Absolutely unbeatable experience for you, cruisin' around in a Wicked van in Canada and the USA!

The cheapest campervan rentals in Canada and the USA, guaranteed!

Wicked Campers will sort you out with cheap rental camper vans for about the same price as hiring a car. Each campervan comes with a unique paint job as well as accommodation and a kitchen built in. You won't waste your money on the frilly bits so you'll be able to afford all those great activities and have all those wicked adventures you've always dreamed of. When you're done with your Wicked campervan hire you'll have enough money to go for another wicked holiday in another country under the care of none other than Wicked Campers!

Book with Wicked Campervan Rental, and Save!

Our campervan rental pricings are cheap for traveller wanting to see more of Canada and USA. If you want to hit the road on a budget and style, then Wicked campervan rental North America is the one for you. Choose from a range of campervans that suits your travel needs and budget. Get an instant quote and you wil know how cheap our campervans are.

Wicked Campers combines budget travellers with the perfect backpacking adventure. Unbeatable price on our campervans rental options and total freedom to go anywhere you want. Unbeatable experience with many roadtrip options and wide variety of vans.

For a great start to your holiday book a Wicked campervan! Here you will find quality, safety, cheap, and perfect campervan offers. Take advantage of special rates we offer as well as special offers at Wicked campervan rental North America.

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